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We want to become the largest independent online community for audiobook lovers in the world! Audiobook.Guru Insiders enjoy exclusive free audiobooks and special offers @ the major audiobook providers! Today, and for a limited time, you can get lifetime Audiobook.Guru Insider Access totally FREE. Our normal insider membership is very reasonably priced at $7.99/mo (which more than pays for itself in terms of free audiobook offers each month and exclusive savings with the major audiobook providers). That’s a savings of over $95/year totally free. Grab this special lifetime deal fast before the offer ends, or you will be sorry later!

What is Included?

What is included with Insider Access?

It is our goal to leverage the size of our growing audiobook community to be able to negotiate better and better offers and special perks at the major audiobook providers for our members! Join now so you don't miss out on all our best offers currently available exclusively for our Audiobook Insiders!

For those lucky enough to join while our promotion is running, you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the insider program at no cost. Thats right, by joining today, you will be able to reap all the Audiobook Insider benefits for life (including all future free audiobook offers and promotions) without paying a dime! Now that’s just plain smart! (After the promotion ends, future Audiobook.Guru Insiders will only have access to membership benefits while they maintain their monthly membership.) 

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Exclusive Insider Perks

Exclusive Insider Perks

Upon joining, we will send you a copy of The Audiobook Insider Cheat Sheet (pdf guide) featuring insider only access to special free audiobook offers and promotions from the major audiobook service providers. You don’t want to join an audiobook service or pay for an audiobook app without these exclusive offers! Our insider cheat sheet will also help guide you to what we consider to be the best way to enjoy audiobooks and how you can gain unlimited access to an immense catalog of audiobooks (so you can listen to your hearts content!) Trust us, with insider access, you will never lack an amazing audiobook to listen to again (and you won’t be left spending a fortune on new audiobooks either!)

In addition, you will gain access to our exclusive Audiobook Insider Newsletter featuring select special audiobook offers chosen by our editors for insiders to take advantage of. Our newsletter is an amazing resource for those who love audiobooks as much as we do! 

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Become an Audiobook.Guru Insider to get tips on free audiobooks, exclusive savings with the major audiobook services, and other insider only perks. If you love audiobooks as much as we do, you don't want to pass up on Insider Access so you will never miss out on great audiobook offers again!

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