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History of the Audiobook.Guru Project

What started out several years ago (in 2018) as a dad who loved audiobooks (The original "Audiobook Guru"!) has evolved into an active community of thousands of audiobook lovers. The Audiobook.Guru team has grown over the years and has helped support millions of users searching for the best ways to listen to their favorite audiobooks. Our Audiobook Insider Membership helps alert our community members about special free audiobooks and exclusive savings with the major audiobook providers (for insiders only - join us today!). We also  regularly review the various audiobook service providers and audiobook apps out there, to help our readers have the best possible experience with audiobooks. In fact, we just completed our review of The Best Audiobook App of 2022, you can find it here if you are interested!

Top 7 Reasons We Created ABG

Why We Started Audiobook.Guru?

Audiobook.Guru was created to help more people experience the satisfaction of discovering and listening to amazing audiobooks.

The audiobook market can be somewhat difficult to navigate. With so many different ways to listen to audiobooks and so many different service providers and audiobook apps, it can be difficult to determine just which app is right for you. The marketing lingo doesn’t always match the user experience, and we found that with each audiobook service we have analyzed, they each have different pros and cons. Without spending weeks testing out the different audiobook platforms, it can be a cumbersome process for the end user to find the best audiobook solution out there that will provide the best value for your hard earned bucks. When we first started getting into audiobooks years ago, we recognized this challenge and wanted to help eliminate the barriers and overcome the challenges we had personally experienced in seeking out the perfect way to listen to audiobooks. This is just one reason we created the Audiobook.Guru platform, to help connect users to their favorite audiobooks and give them the best possible listening experience without all the headaches we went through on our journey. 

Why Audiobooks Are Amazing?

Why Audiobooks Are So Amazing?

With today’s chaotic lifestyle, for many, it can seem harder and harder to find the time to pickup and read traditional books. This is where audiobooks come to the rescue! It’s so easy to turn on and listen to your next great audiobook wherever you are. Whether you can get in 20 minutes during your morning commute, or a half hour during your lunch break or workout, the ease of access to audiobooks makes them ideal for consuming books anytime that you have a few spare moments. Audiobooks can be a great way to learn new skills, take in information on your favorite subjects, get motivated to accomplish your goals, or simply to enjoy amazing stories! If reading more has been on your to-do list for awhile now, audiobooks may just be the tool that help you reach your reading goals this year! We encourage all our Audiobook.Guru community members to set a book goal for the remainder of the year as a personal challenge, and then keep track of how well you are doing throughout the year. Even if you end up missing your goal, at least you got started! Audiobooks can be a great way to digest amazing books while taking advantage of those precious spare moments throughout your day. Don’t wait until next year to set your reading / audiobook goal, start today!

The Audiobook Market?

The Audiobook Market Is Exploding

In our efficiency driven world, most people are always on the lookout for tools that can help make life a little bit easier and more enjoyable. Audiobooks represent just such a tool that can help anyone to reach their reading goals. Many people are starting to realize just how enjoyable listening to audiobooks can be, which is a key reason the audiobook market is literally exploding right now! Between 2022 and 2025, the audiobook market is projected to double from ~600 Million monthly audiobook users to 1.2 Billion!

We hope that as the audiobook market grows, we too can grow with our community to provide even more benefits and tools for audiobook lovers. 

Audiobooks For Road Trips!


600 Million+ Listen To Audiobooks Monthly


The Audiobook Market Will Double from 2022-2025

Road Trip Approved!

Are we there yet? Sometimes in life we are left answering this question to our kiddos about a hundred times (especially on cross country drives to see grandma!) Well, we can all but guarantee they won’t ask, at least quite as much, when they are plugged into a good audiobook. Audiobooks (and headphones!) are perfect for the little ones on road trips! Scratch that...Audiobooks are perfect for your little super stars any time! Audiobooks are a great way to provide access to all the classic adventures and stories kids love, while providing them with hours of “screen-free” entertainment! Now that’s just plain good parenting! Audiobooks = Big Win for "Parental Units". 

Audiobooks With Your Morning Coffee?

Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation to get going in the morning. One of our favorite ways to get inspired, wake up, and start the day off right is to enjoy an audiobook with our morning cup of coffee. Give it a try, you will be surprised how much 15 minutes with a favorite audiobook can get your day off to a good start! 

Audiobooks Changing Lives?

Audiobooks are Changing Lives

I've gotten so much use out of audiobooks and it has forever changed my life."

"Audiobooks are allowing me to make it through so many more books than I ever would have been able to with traditional books!"


We Just Finished Our Review of The Best Audiobook App of 2022 - Find Out Who We Picked! 

Each year we pick what we consider to be the best audiobook app of the year (based on overall value, features, and community feedback). Find out who we picked this year as the best audiobook app of 2022 and how you can get 3 free audiobooks & unlimited access to over 10,000 additional audiobooks

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